The supply of profiling machines designed according to customer specifications is completed with a series of options such as to configure a combined machine or a real work island.

All ROBOR profiling machines are characterized by the integration in a single production cycle of a vast sequence of processes: profiling, straightening, measuring and cutting, shearing.

The profiling lines proposed can be further completed with manual or automatic interlocking systems, such as motorized and/or braked self-centering unwinders, straightening machines, automatic feeders, roller conveyors, loading/unloading belts.

ROBOR profiling lines are used in punching, clinching, chamfering, measuring and cutting operations, handling of raw or pre-painted profiles.

These are profiling lines dedicated to the production of corrugated profiles, structural profiles, pipes and welded pipes, modular panels for roofing, components for shelving.

The best technology applied to the cold deformation of the sheet allows our customers to satisfy the demands that emerge from increasingly sophisticated markets.

The products that can be produced with our lines range from profiles for sheds, profiled sheets for the building industry, frames for doors and windows to gratings for furniture, from window and door shutters, from accessory profiles for lighting to profiles used in building.